The Bridge has partnered with When I Grow Up and the Furaha Community Foundation to help the Furaha Primary School and the Furaha High School empower students and their families out of extreme poverty in Nairobi, Kenya.

Over 100 students and staff live at the Furaha Boarding High School located 50km outside the slum of Huruma. In this remote location, there is peace, safety, and security for students to thrive in their studies and life. But… there was no water! Water had to be delivered by truck to the school. In February 2014, rains made the dirt road to the school impassable. Go get water to the school, the students carried buckets of water for about a mile.

The much-needed water was about 800 feet beneath the school. So in 2014, The Bridge partnered with a few churches to raise the $37,000 to dig a well. Below is a picture of the students enjoying their first drinks from the new well.

As part of our partnership, The Bridge covers the salary of one of the Furaha Primary School teachers. Learn more about the amazing work of Furaha Community Foundation: