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May 9 2021 Small Group Questions

May 9 2021 Small Group Questions

United In Worship

Amos 5:21-24, John 4:23, Matt. 22:37-39, Matt. 25:34-40, 1 John 4:7-10, Romans 12:1, John 13:35, Micha 6:8


  1. Do you have a favorite way of worshiping? Is there a specific song that has special meaning to you? Has this past year been difficult adjusting to a “new way of worshiping”? (e.g. staying home on Sunday mornings, wearing mass while singing)
  2. Read Amos 5:21-24  What does God say are his priorities when it comes to worship? Why do you think he said this in this passage? Why do you think there are so many different styles of churches and styles of “worship music”? Is there one “right way” to worship?
  3. If worship is about getting together to sing, does that mean that we can’t worship unless we are together and singing? What if someone can’t attend church services in person? What if someone is unable to speak? Are those folks simply unable to worship God?
  4. Read Matt. 25:34-36 What are some examples Jesus gives in which the Righteous Ones worship God? (The King) Read Matt 25:37-40 Why were the Righteous Ones confused about being able to enter The Kingdom? Who was it that they helped?
  5. In what ways do you worship God by serving and loving others? Are there any songs that we sing at The Bridge that help “train” you to be more loving? It can be easy to show up to church on Sunday morning, but difficult to show up in other areas of our lives to love others, how have you been encouraged to love the people around you? Are there any new ways you can be “moved into action”?


Bottom line: God doesn’t require that we sing to him. Instead, he equips us to love one another.