The Final Day

This series explores the last hours of Christ’s life and culminates with Easter Sunday. We will address familiar events in great detail to help us understand the significance of what He went through, why He went through it, and why it matters for us today.


The Bible

There is nothing more foundational or important than what you believe about the Bible. It’s common to hear people in our Western culture say something like, “There are many good things in the Bible, absolutely. But there are also things in the Bible that are really outdated and not true.” In this series, we will address why the Bible is trustworthy and the authority for our lives. The Bible is the story of God’s redemption through Jesus Christ and is given to us… for us… to know and follow Him.


Songs of Christmas

For most people, Christian or not, Christmas carols are one of the best (and most memorable) things about the Christmas season. There are so many of these traditional songs that are rich in biblical history and theology and fit so well within the Avent Season. In this series we will talk about what these five Christmas Carols get right—and what they get wrong—concerning the Christmas story and encourage our people to engage with Christ in a whole new way as we seek to take a fresh look at a familiar story.


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