Time's Up: A Study of the Revelation of Jesus Christ

There is a song lyric from the 80’s “It’s the end of the world as we know it….and I feel fine”. That seems to be the feeling of society in general and even most people in the Church. God gives us through the apostle John the book of Revelation to tell us very specifically how it all will end. He tells us these things so that we can be ready because our King is coming back again! When he does come back though, it is not as a lowly servant to be sacrificed for the world but as a conquering King who is coming to judge the world for its sin.
This book is not a hard book to understand. It offers much more imagery than many other books in the Bible and John does his best to try and describe future events (many of which are thousands of years later from his writing) for us. It offers us a very clear picture of the exact events that will lead to a near total destruction of the earth as we know it and an ultimate new Heaven and new Earth that believers will enjoy for eternity, with our savior, Jesus.
Though no one knows (not even Jesus!) exactly when these events will take place. We are not commanded to know when but to be ready no matter when. Through the study of this book you will have a better understanding of what will take place and in what sequence the events will occur. This understanding will motivate you to share the Gospel message of salvation with a little more fervor knowing that the time is short.