Jonah: The Proud Prophet and the Good Pagans

God will often put or allow roadblocks and challenging circumstances in our lives when we refuse to obey. Sometimes our disobedience puts others at risk, and disobedience always brings consequences. These pagan and hardened sailors are godlier in their response to the storms than Jonah. Jonah refuses to speak to these pagans about his God, and God turns the tables and uses the pagans to speak to Jonah about his God. They cry out for help while Jonah falls asleep, totally oblivious to the life and death circumstances around Him. It makes me wonder how often we are sleeping when God calls us to be awake to the needs of those around us. It’s as if we do not know who we really are. God extends his grace and mercy to everyone here. He saves the sailors and even Jonah during this experience-yet Jonah has much more to learn about God’s grace and mercy and what God has called him to do.

Justin Scarberry
The Bridge Church- Spanish Springs Campus
February 27, 2022