If Money Could Talk: Watch Out For Greed

Greed is a trap that can slowly enslave us.  We may never realize that it’s an issue because most of us do not think we are greedy.  Where are we placing our trust and hope for life? Life does not consist in the abundance of our possessions. We live in a culture where we are taught to pursue the American Dream-that is the ultimate for your life.  Having your own house, driving the car or cars that you want, having pretty stuff-retiring early and living the high life.   We are part of a society that built on our consumption, so it’s easy to believe that getting more is not only good for me but for all of us as well. This message will seek to get us to take a hard look at what we really need and what really matters when it comes to money and the stuff we can buy with it.\

John Arobio
The Bridge Church- Spanish Springs Campus
May 1, 2022