If Money Could Talk: Live Within Your Means

Most of us were never taught to “budget” our money. Yet this is one of the most important things that we can learn and do with the resources that God has given to us. We will address the way that we are to handle our money so that we will be in charge of our money and not the other way around. We can easily end up living far beyond our means which leads us into debt.  Debt makes us a slave to the one to whom we are indebted. We will talk about developing a plan-a budget that decides ahead of time how and where you will spend your money and how to deal with the debt issue in our lives. This message will seek to get us to take a hard look at what we really need and what really matters when it comes to money and the stuff we can buy with it. 

Pastor Darin Elquist
The Bridge Church- Spanish Springs Campus
May 7, 2022