Rebuilding! Guarding Your Future

Nehemiah knew that we could have the best intentions and still end up in the wrong place. He knew that what mattered was making sure we were making the right decisions and creating the right safeguards to keep us on track. He led the people to make a written agreement to stay focused on God’s word and obey it. We must make certain that we make God’s word central to our lives individually and in our families as well as our church, and we must be willing to put it into practice. We must also make practical changes in our lives to keep us from going back to what we were. We all have the potential to drift away, back into a mess from which God saved us. We must always stay alert to guard our future and stay on track with God’s vision for our lives.

Pastor Darin Elquist
The Bridge Church- Spanish Springs Campus
July 25, 2021