Justin Scarberry

How does an average boy from West Virginia meet a breathtaking girl from Brawley California, have two beautiful children and enjoy 20+ years of marriage? God is the only answer! After 3 decades in Southern California, God had a plan and moved the Scarberry clan over the mountain to Sparks, Nevada in 2017. Justin is just an average every day Jesus freak. One day while forcing himself to read the Bible, God put it on his heart to stop reading and start studying. Caught off guard at first he asked God if He would then put it on his heart to enjoy the scriptures, even the ones that are boring and tough to get through. God agreed and Justin has been studying the scriptures ever since. It has become his passion to try and get others to feel the same blessing God blessed him with when reading through the scriptures.

Justin joined the Bridge Spanish Springs Campus shortly after it opened when the church was meeting monthly. He bounced around to a few other churches after moving to Sparks but God put it on his heart to stay at the small church. In 2020 Darin asked him to join the teaching team. Justin and his wife, Maribel, have two kids who he says are only slightly annoying, Sara and John.


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