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Week 5 Message Notes “Joy in Letting Go!”

Joy in Chains

Wk 5 “Joy in Letting Go”

Message Notes

Philippians 3:1-11

Darin Elquist



Mutilators- (v2)

Katatome- to cut up

Righteousness- (v9)

Dikaiosyne- Justice, fairness, uprightness, or rectitude. (Morally correct behavior)


Jewish people who also follow Jesus as their Messiah.


Philippians 3:1-3


3 ways Paul describes the Judaizers

  1. Dogs
  2. Evil Workers
  3. The False Circumcision



Paul’s definition of “true” Circumcision.


  1. True believers’ worship in the spirit of God, that means their focus is on the work and power of the holy spirit, not the work or power of any person.
  2. True believes find glory in Jesus. Who he is and what he did. Not who they are and what do.
  3. True Believers rejoice in the Lord (or find their joy) and have no confidence in their own flesh.


Philippians 3:4-6


Paul’s Pedigree.

Circumcised on the 8th day

A true, natural born Jew

Member of the tribe of Benjamin

A Hebrew among Hebrews the best of the best

A Pharisee who had a 100% success level with the law

A zealous persecutor of the church in the name of the law

Blameless with regard to the external righteousness found in the law


All this in itself isn’t bad, any ancient Jew would have been impressed with such a list. Today these things are not part of our culture. But that doesn’t mean we don’t from time to time try to find our joy in things beside Jesus. Write down some things that may be good on the surface, but if we’re not careful can lead to us placing our joy in them rather than Jesus.

Example- Attend church every Sunday





Remember, these things are not bad, unless they take priority over Jesus and His will…


Consumer Christian-

One who is part of a church for they can get out of it. “What does this church have to offer me?” is often the first question asked when making the decision to stay at a church or continue the search. A consumer Christian can sometimes be compared to the Pharisees of ancient times. Putting their trust, faith and hope in the ceremony and tradition instead of Jesus.


Philippians 3:7-8


Isaiah 64:6
and all (my) our righteous acts are like filthy rags;


We must reject any confidence we have in ourselves, and place all that confidence in Jesus




A few things Paul does to help the Philippians understand what he is trying to teach them…

  1. Instead of being upset over his loss, he thought of it as a necessary casualty for the sake of Jesus.
  2. The things in his life that used to shine so bright, now are dark and tarnished when compared to knowing Jesus.
  3. He compares the accomplishments of his life that he accomplished on his own to (skybalon) dung.




Paul was the master at using contrast

to help people understand what he was teaching them.


Philippians 3:9-11


6 Reasons we should find joy in Lord. Or Rejoice in the Lord!

  1. Being found in Jesus (v9)
  2. Receiving righteousness from Jesus, not himself (v9)
  3. Being justified in the eyes of God by faith, not by the things we can do ourselves. (3:9)
  4. Knowing Jesus (3:10)
  5. Experiencing the power of Jesus’ resurrection (v10)
  6. Longing for our own resurrection from the dead and spending eternity in the presence of Jesus. (v11)


Imputation is crediting something to a person’s account. Here’s an example; In salvation, our sin and guilt are credited to Jesus, and His righteousness is credited to us. Because Paul was now, “in Christ” (v9) everything Jesus accomplished through His death and resurrection… payment for sin and eternal life had been credited to Paul’s bankrupt account.



Two Main Take Aways


  1. Trusting in your achievement might bring you glory now, but it will leave you spiritually bankrupt later.





  1. Trusting in Jesus’ accomplishment on the cross gives Him the glory now and the result is our eternal righteousness. This is what Paul means when he tells the Philippians to, “rejoice in the Lord!”



A Few Ways to Find Joy…


  1. Celebrate what Jesus did and does, instead of what you have done… and do.
  2. Thank Jesus for what He has done. Remember, because Jesus already did what was needed, there is nothing left for us to do to gain favor with God except believe in Jesus.
  3. Seek Jesus, find Joy!





Bottom Line:

You will find true joy when you let go of yourself

and hold on to Jesus.