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WK 2, Rooted, “The Problem We All Have” Group Questions

Remember, all church game night, this Friday at 6pm!!


  1. Read Ephesians 5:13, what does this scripture mean to you?

  2. What are some ways we are like Adam/Eve? What are some ways we are different?  What are some of the ways that sin “sneaks up” on us?

  3. Read 1 John 2:15-16, what are some examples of the things of the world that we might fall into as a temptation? Why does the bible continually warn us against sin?

  4. Read Ecclesiastes 12:14, what do you think is meant by this scripture?

  5. Read Hebrews 9:22, why do you think God requires blood for the remission of sin?

  6. Darin pointed out that 3 responses to sin are hide from it, deflect from it, and blaming others for it, why do you think it is often hard to see our own sin and when we do to admit to it

  7. Read Romans 6:23, do we get to heaven by faith or by grace? Explain you answer. What is meant by the “wages of sin”?

  8. Please continue to pray for the church our government and our country.